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Introduction of Melt Blown equipment

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Introduction of Melt Blown equipment

Issue Time:2019-10-16
Introduction of Melt Blown equipment
Main equipment: feeding machine, screw extruder, metering pump, melt injection die head assembly, air compressor, air heater, receiving device, winding device. Polyester production and other raw materials, also need a chip drying device. Production auxiliary equipment mainly includes mould head cleaning furnace, electrostatic device and spray device.
 Installed on the extruder hopper. The function of the feeder is to draw the polymer chips into the screw extruder hopper, usually with an automatic function, which can set the amount of feed per unit time according to the output of the entire production line.
2. Screw extruder
3. Metering pump
4. Meltblown die assembly
The die assembly is the most critical part of the meltblown equipment, the most important of which include:
(1) Polymer melt distribution system
● The polymer melt is ensured to flow uniformly throughout the length of the meltblowing die and has a uniform residence time to ensure a relatively uniform nature of the meltblown nonwoven across the entire width.
● At present, the melt-blown process mainly adopts a coat-type polymer melt distribution system (the T-type distribution system cannot uniformly distribute the fluid).
(2) Die system

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